d. Non Acid Based Safe Wheel Cleaner

Non acid based safe Wheel Cleaner.

Is a Non acid and non aggressive but fully biodegradable cleaner one of the best cleaners we have tried.

Which in conclusion is a real gem of a product to have in your garage or shed.

It is so easy to use, that anyone trained or untrained can use this cleaner.

Because firstly, all you have to do is attach the trigger. Secondly, Spray on the wheels and more importantly and the enjoyable part agitate with a brush then wash off.

Requires little or no agitation and can be diluted for better economy.

Leaves a sparkling finish.

Direction of use

Use 1:1 For Heavy Soiling, 1:3 – 1:10 for Light Soiling.

Spray onto Wheel and leave to dwell for a few minutes.

Agitate if needed.

Rinse well with water.


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