c. Shampoo 500 ml

Shampoo and Wax is a Hyper Concentrate, PH Neutral Shampoo that cuts through Dirt and Grime with ease. Because of its safe PH level it will not strip existing layers of polish, seal it or wax, infact it will enhance them. It is safe to use with all Paint Sealants and Vinyl.

It has a silky feel as you wipe the exterior surfaces clean.

Bike Shampoo has an unprecedented dilution rate of 201:1 making it 5 times stronger than most shampoos on the market today.

Direction of use

Rinse your vehicle first with water to loosen any dirt.

Add a capful to your bucket and fill up with water (a pressure hose will generate more suds)Apply the product to your vehicles surface while still wet using a soft sponge or mitt.

Then rinse off.

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