f. Seal It

Seal It.

This product is absolutely blinding and a favourite of ours, It is an easy to use Exterior Protection Sealant that can be applied to Wet or Dry cars and Bikes.

The Nano Technology used in Seal It keeps your vehicle protected for up to 4 months with very little effort.
Seal It is safe to use on Paintwork, Plastics, Glass, Rubbers and Alloys.

Direction of use
Application on a Wet Vehicle – Once the vehicle is clean spray Seal It directly onto the wet panel and immediately rinse off. Once all panels are treated dry the Bike normally.
Application on a Dry vehicle – Once the vehicle is clean and dry spray a very light mist onto the panel. Spread evenly over the panel with a microfibre cloth. Immediately turn the cloth over and buff the area.
With all sealants its important to maintain correct wash methods afterwards.

Use a safe PH Neutral Bike Wash.


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