j. Chain Cleaner 500 ml

Lube, Tar and Glue remover.

Lube, Tar and Glue remover is an extremely strong remover which will instantly dissolve chain lube and grease and can be washed off with a routine shampoo.

It also removes tar, silicone’s, wax, gum, fuel stains and adhesive residue.

Direction of use

Spray the product onto the bike chain or heavy dirt areas, leave to soak in for up to 60 seconds.

Use a microfibre cloth or soft brush to loosen chain lube, tar and glue.

Finally rinse off with water, shampoo, wash or snow foam.

Comes with spray trigger.

(Don’t not allow to dry)

(Do not use on or near printed stickers)

Always try a small test area first !!!


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